The Rukeli Trollman e.V. association would like to thank Mr. Hans Firzlaff. If not for him, Rukeli Trollmann’s story probably would have been known much later. First contact between the chairman Mr. Ramos- Farina and Mr. Firzlaff was established in the 1980’s. The contact became more intensive after the publishing of “Der Boxer” by Hans Firzlaff in the Hannover Stadtmagazin in February 1991.

Hereby, I would like to express my adoration for Mr. Firzlaff’s precise and truthful researches, which are also documented in his book “Knock-out” published by Satire Press. He repeatedly expressed his amazement about the assertion that Rukeli had powdered his whole body white. I confirmed that my wife’s grandparents Erna und Wilhelm Trollmann also told me that this does not meet the truth. Rukeli only powdered his face.

Mr. Firzlaff thought that the rumour remained, because some people thought that it would make it easier to sell books and movies. The personal encounters in his apartment in Stöcken, Hannover have always been of profound human enrichment.

Hans Firzlaff died on 1st March 2012.